Lijie Zhai // CHINA

LijieZhaiTUYSHello, my name is Zhai Lijie. I come from Changchun, China. I’m 41 years old. I’m in Germany together with my daughter, Zhu Chen , she is 17 years old and my husband, Peter Schmidt. We live in Fallersleben.

I’ve been in Germany for four years now. What impressed me the most is the fresh air and the green environment. What surprised me is how well the traffic is organized.

Here, there are a lot of associations and clubs which everyone can join. I attend the “Tanzendes Theater Wolfsburg”. I go dancing there. It feels good. Then if you want, there is also a choir you can sing in.

If you want we have a lot of parties here, for example the Altstadtfest. I come here every year, because there are many people including the young and the old. It doesn’t matter if you know each other or not. You always find someone you can have a drink with. If you want you also can test many different kinds of ice cream.

It’s really nice to live in Germany. Thanks.