FamKleinDiazTUYSHello! We are the family Klein-Diaz.

I’m Isabella. I enjoy to be here because you have the phæno, the Autostadt, the Badeland, the Soccerfive. You have a playing ground next to your house for all the people. You live in a street but everywhere you have everything. You have freedom here.

Yes, Wolfsburg it’s very beautiful. And you have a wide choice of schools wherever you want to go to. There is the IGS, the Neue Schule, the Eichendorffschule and they have a lot of activities that are called AGs. The AGs are activities like swimming, so that you go to the Badeland. So the city is very beautiful.

It’s a pleasure to live here. It’s quiet, everything works and it’s a modern city with a good traffic system. So it’s easy to get everywhere. It’s a multicultural city. There are people of all nationalities and that’s why you get along so well. They are very accustomed to the many foreigners coming to the city. People have a lot of patience, for example with people who don’t speak German well. There are opportunities for Spanish-speaking families to go to a mass in Spanish once a month where the Mexican and Spanish community come together. You feel safe when your children take a bus and go to all kinds of places. It’s really a pleasure to live in Wolfsburg.

We are very happy in Wolfsburg but you might want to spend a weekend here to know everything a little better. You have many opportunities here. Very close, within two hours you can drive to Hanover, Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Potsdam. You are between two national parks. In the north there is the Lüneburger Heide, which is wonderful. In the south there is the Harz where you can organize many trips. To the beaches of the Baltic Sea and North Sea it takes about three hours.

So we are awaiting you soon in Wolfsburg!