Bruna Peixoto // Portugal

BrunaPeixotoTUYSMy name is Bruna Peixoto. I’m 26 years old. At the moment I’m living in Wolfsburg where I attend the Volkswagen Trainee Program.

Behind me there are the two towers with Volkswagen cars to sell waiting for their specified customers. In front of me there is the Volkswagen factory where I work.

What can I say about Wolfsburg: It’s a small but very cozy town that I definitely advise to visit. Come and visit Wolfsburg, please!

My daily routine starts for me with going to work in the morning. In the afternoon at 16:30. I stop working, I have a coffee or I eat some ice cream. I’m going for a walk through the Autostadt. It’s really big and there’s a nice garden you can visit.

In front of me you can see the automuseum “Zeithaus”, which is also very interesting for those who are interested in the history of cars. It’s not just about Volkswagen cars but also about other brands.

I also like to go swimming or train at the gym. I share my flat with three colleagues. This is a new experience for me and brings many advantages.

What I can say about Wolfsburg is: Come and visit the city! Wolfsburg is small but cozy and has a lot of sites and things to see.

I’m awaiting you here!